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Who Are We?

Luxury Consulting & Solutions Inc (formally known as Luxury Credit) is a financial and business consulting firm helping everyday people live life a little more luxurious. We believe that everyone should have a shot at the finer things in life and we work hard to help them live the dream that they desire through improving their credit or scaling their business. Our CEO have been in the credit arena for over a decade, and a full time entrepreneur for 6+ years. Our clients come to us with their goals and we work extremely hard to help them accomplish them. No goal is too big. We've worked with some of your favorite credible multi million dollar companies on scaling and operating their businesses as well as the everyday freelancer.

What We Stand For

Luxury Consulting & Solutions Inc (formally known as Luxury Credit) is a premium consulting company that specializes in personal and business credit consulting for clients looking for top of the line service and life changing results. Our team of board certified credit consultants along with our financial coaches work with our clients to help them regain financial freedom. The knowledge that we provide is unmatched.

The founder of Luxury Consulting & Solutions Inc “Daijonia Dashawn” is a vibrant millennial that understands today’s credit arenas as well as what it takes to get approved in today’s banking industry. Over the years Daijonia has had experience in almost every credit scenario. Daijonia was pushed into credit restoration after she spent countless years helping friends, family and strangers restore their credit for free. Daijonia then realized that she had a gift that was powerful enough to change lives and decided to start her own credit repair company with low and affordable rates so that she can help the masses. Her gift, combined with her passion for helping others achieve success has become her driving point for building a big business and changing lives daily. Also, helping many high profile clients, Daijonia understands the importance of client confidentiality and NDAs for employees which prompted her to enforce a very strict privacy system so that her clients can feel private safe and secure knowing their most trusted information is handled with care and won't be compromised.

Daijonia as well as everyone affiliated with Luxury Consulting and Solutions Inc is certified in consumer credit laws including the fair credit reporting act as well as the fair accurate transaction act, fair debt collection act, HIPPA Law, State Statue of limitations on debt, etc. Daijonia is experienced in helping consumers all across the United States of America enforce their credit rights and live a better quality of life. Daijonia is also well known in business credit arenas helping business owners sustain in business financially by building and obtaining business credit, maintaining and sustaining working capital.

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What We Do

We assist our clients with improving their credit profiles with financial engineering services. We also provide credit and financial resources to help our clients improve their credit scores and build healthy credit profiles. We work with our clients to not only have negative inaccurate information deleted from their credit report but to also add positive accounts and the perfect credit mix. Our financial coaches and experts work with each client to assure a smooth lending process for all major purchases such as auto and home. We walk them through every step of the way.

What Makes Us Different?

Our customer service has been rated the best in the industry. We work closely with our clients to make sure that they are present in the process and understand everything that's happening and needs to happen. Our clients not only finish our program with good credit but with a great understanding of how credit works, how to maintain it and generate wealth from it.

Our Mission

Our mission at Luxury Consulting & Solutions Inc. is to ensure that we empower our clients and equip them with the proper credit and financial tools that they need to live a better quality life, leverage their credit, and build generational wealth for their families that follow.

-Daijonia Dashawn, Founder & CEO

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